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Ajax Manufacturing Cape Town, South Africa
Superior Aluminium Casting

Ajax Manufacturing was established in 1952 originally as a gravity aluminium foundry manufacturing low technology products. The business has changed hands several times ncluding a takeover by General Electric in 1976. During this time gravity dies were designed and manufactured to cast Roadway luminaire housings using their hi-tech imported components. After a management buyout in 1985 the company has focused on improving quality and expanding our service to the manufacturing industry. The company made a significant capital investment in new foundry machines, which are maintained to the highest operational standards.

Ajax Manufacturing is justifiably proud of
its achievements since buying back the company from General Electric in 1985. Today it is one of the largest aluminium foundries in the Western Cape, occupying two buildings with a combined area of 2800 square metres and ideally located in Paarden Eiland close to the CBD and all the major arterials.

Ajax Manufacturing Staff

Ajax's VW Polo at Killarney racing in the GTI Challenge

Ajax was one of the first companies to effect a management buyout from its American shareholders. The company also inherited a union agreement which put us considerably ahead of the market in benefits and hourly rates at the time.

Ajax is run by a board of five directors with a total staff complement of over 40. Their management team boasts over ninety years of combined experience in the foundry industry. The foundry has the expertise, resourcefulness and tight financial controls to continue serving the market with distinction. Aluminium castings have become increasingly popular because the metal is clearly the most versatile of all. It is robust, durable, low density, malleable, high strength to mass ratio and it has non-corrosive alloys- all in all making it cost effective. The added value is the superior quality produced by Ajax Manufacturing.
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