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Superior Aluminium Casting

Ajax Manufacturing is able to offer a complete service from development right through the production cycle. The tool room is equipped with a range of modern equipment including a Maho 600 computer numerical control (CNC) machine This is interfaced with the CAD/CAM computer system, providing excellent 3-dimensional models for the production dies. The tool room manufactures and maintains gravity Dies can be manufactured manually or CNC machined. The finishing department at Ajax supports all the various processes used in the foundry. Here castings are clipped, fettled, deburred, sanded, machined, drilled, tapped, painted and assembled as required.

The popular range of aluminium castings are from 12 grams - 12 kgs. However the sand foundry has successfully cast aluminium products of around 300 kgs, with castings of 60 kgs manufactured on a regular basis.

Casting processes used at Ajax are:

Foundry floor showing electric furnace in foreground

Aluminium casting
being removed from the high pressure machine

The foundry is currently melting the following alloys: LM5, LM6, LM20, LM24, LM25, LM27 and A356.2

Sand castings - Prototypes and design changes to the patterns are an inexpensive and useful process as a stopgap while developing a market or while gravity dies are being made. Various alloys are used to satisfy the customers' specifications.
Advantage of this process: pattern manufacture and set-up time is relatively short, making it ideal for smaller volumes required within limited time constraints.

Gravity process - Aluminium alloys of various grades are used in this process. Tooling costs are somewhere between those for sand castings and high pressure, although gravity castings are less expensive than sand. Generally gravity castings save machining time when substituted for metal fabrications and allow more aesthetically pleasing contours to be used. Products can be manufactured up to a weight of approximately 15 kg.
Advantage of this process: provides closer tolerances and tighter controls in the production process giving a sound casting with good surface appearance.

High pressure process - Although the initial tooling costs are higher, the unit costs are reduced. Other benefits of high pressure castings are the high quality surface finishes and faster production time. Specific products suited to this form of manufacturing are electronic component housings and castings to complement the extrusion fabrication market.
Advantage of this process: is ideal for even higher volumes and closer tolerances.

For further information or to obtain quotations please contact Charles Rowe on (021) 511-8267 or email info@ajaxmanufacturing.co.za
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